NST Laboratory's Evening of Work-in-Progress and Scratch Performances

29 October, 2018

  • wheelchair access
  • hearing enhancement
  • assistance dogs

NST Laboratory presents


September 18th 7:45pm at NST City Studio

October 29th 7:45pm at NST City Studio

Experiment is our quarterly scratch performance night, offering a range of exciting new pieces of theatre in development. Artists present their work to test new projects; to ask questions about a piece; or to gather feedback from a friendly and constructively critical audience.

Experiment is produced through our Artistic Development programme NST Laboratory – a creative hub for development, exploration and discovery. To find out more or if you are an artist looking to build a relationship with NST, please click here.

Our next Experiment eveing will feature: 

by Kass Boucher
Twenty-one year old Oh, hand-picked to work in the Government Archive for Women's Personal Stories, is summoned to the office of the Senior Sisters. A new diktat decrees that a story she's been archiving is now off limits - but why is Oh being warned off, and why was she chosen for the job in the first place?



By Imogen Comrie

Charlie needs to just get through her shift and RESIST THE MUFFINS. Pastries. Croissants... NO. Cake-Hole is a black comedy about food addiction and wrestling your demons, no matter what your vice. Part storytelling and part stand-up comedy, this piece forces you to think about a subject that is rarely digested.



By Trudie Shutler

Whilst at her husband’s funeral, a middle-aged woman sparks up an unlikely friendship with a teenage boy.