Now-Here: Forgotten 遗忘

Part of NST’s Now:here festival discovering Hidden Histories.

10 July, 2018

    Moongate Productions and Yellow Earth Theatre presents

    Forgotten 遗忘

    The WWI Chinese Labour Corps Migration and Art workshop

    Tuesday 10th July 2:00pm - 4:00pm at NST City Rehearsal Room

    Part of the Now-Here Festival

    The long buried story of the approximately 140,000 Chinese labourers who lent vital assistance to the allied Great War effort is only now just beginning to emerge.

    Everything about these Chinese workers, mainly uneducated and illiterate peasants, and the circumstances around their presence on the Western Front, is fascinating but one particularly striking element is the strong feature of art and culture in the lives of these men. They carried musical instruments with them, sang songs, performed stories and dances, fashioned art out of abandoned artefacts and even bomb shells.

    Join us for a seminar and workshop on the themes of migration, art and labour where participants will be invited to respond and express how these themes have played out in their own/their families’ lives or even just as observers.

    It’s a chance to learn about history and respond artistically.