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A Word From The Composers | Billionaire Boy

Mon 12 November, 2018

A Word From The Composers | Billionaire Boy

A Word From The Composers

In a strange way it makes sense that the two of us have found ourselves writing a musical. 

When Miranda was little, the thing she wanted more than anything in the world was to be Eponine in Les Miserables. She’d go to the shed and belt out On My Own, much to the neighbour’s annoyance, and perform 39 act musical extravaganzas to her parents. Tragically, she ended up dancing for Pj and Duncan instead.

Nick, on the other hand, started out as a cherubic choirboy at St. Paul’s Cathedral before graduating to the dark side to become a blue-mulleted session musician in La. In a hair band. In the 80’s. So far…so bad.

Luckily fate led us both to Xenomania, where we wrote hits for bands such as Girls Aloud, the Sugababes, Kylie and the Pet Shop Boys. Our songs often walked the thin line between pop, musical theatre and insanity. The most successful of them fell face down on the wrong side!

So it was probably just a matter of time before we made the move into musical theatre (Particularly after we’d seen Hamilton and thought “Wow, these songs are better than most of the ones in the charts!!”)

Billionaire Boy is a perfect fit for us: the humour, the larger than life characters and the heartfelt sentiment meant we were given carte blanche to be as silly and wonky as we wanted, with no record company execs wagging their fingers at us. Instead we had toddlers climbing all over us at Miranda's kitchen table where the two of us wrote the songs, along with Jon, on nothing more than an ancient keyboard and an iPhone. Not the most professional set up but somehow it works! 

The brilliant cast, fellow creatives and production team have supported us every step of the way. We’re so proud of this show and delighted to finally be proper musical theatre composers. Although Miranda still won’t be happy until she gets to play Eponine. 

Miranda Cooper and Nick Coler

See Billionaire Boy The Musical 20 Nov - 6 Jan NST City

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