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Fri 31 May, 2019


Lucy is playing the role of Adrian/Fiona in the UK tour of Rotterdam.


1 Tell us about Rotterdam.


Rotterdam is a play about what impact gender, identity and relationships have on each other. We follow four characters who all work and live in Rotterdam. They have found themselves central to a currently unfolding drama surrounding Alice and her partner of seven years Fiona, who creates quite an explosion when they tell Alice they want to be called Adrian now.


2. Rotterdam has had a very successful life in London. How do you think the show will be perceived by audiences around the country?


Well obviously I hope they like it. If they don’t it’s going to be a pretty rough two months. I hope those that have seen it before and are coming again are happy with the new cast dynamic. But mostly I just hope that audiences perceive it as great entertainment.


3. Tell us about you and your story.


I’m not here to tell my story I’m here to tell Adrian’s and if you wanna know about them and their story you have to come and see the show won’t you!


4. Did you always want to act? 


You mean there is an alternative... a job where I don’t need to feel like I’m chasing my own tail sometimes? I don’t believe you. Nah it’s a great life! We all act every day of our lives whether we want to or not don’t we? I’m smart, I clocked at the young age one that I should try and get paid for it as regular as possible anyways... 


5. Any advice for budding actors?


Take care of your mental health you young un’s (and oldies) it’s frightening being a human being sometimes... seek out your people and support them and in turn they will support you.


Invest and Save!!!!! (Applicable to everything)


6. What would you say to encourage people to buy a ticket?


I’m a northerner with a lot of connections ... I will find you and demand an explanation ... a huge team of us have worked very hard to bring this to as many people as possible ... what’s your excuse not to? 


7. Anything else you would like to add


Shout out to my beautiful alter ego LoUis CYfer !! The best looking Dragking I have ever seen with my own eyes. Follow me, I mean, LoUis @mxlouiscyfer ahem and check out his cool friends too ...help share the cabaret scene. Don’t let RuPaul win!

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