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In Rehearsals | Women In Power | Week 2

Mon 20 August, 2018

In Rehearsals | Women In Power | Week 2

In Rehearsals for Women In Power | Week 2 

This week we have started to bring all the elements of the show together. Our multi-talented company of actors, are also musicians so lots of wonderful sounds have been coming from the rehearsal room; with the various instruments that have been arriving, making Tim Suttons music even more glorious!  

Now that each song is starting to take shape we have started working through the choreography with Liz Boag, who has been working with all the musical influences in the show to create the movement sequences.  All I am going to say is Bob Fosse and Hip Hop! 

We have welcomed many new faces into our rehearsal room this week with Katharine Williams our Lighting Designer and Richard Hammerton our Sound Designer. It’s great to have new faces in the room watching the play develop. It is really important for the creatives to start seeing how the show comes together as they will start making decisions with the production team about their design items and what they need to create their vision for the show.  

Decisions are being finalised for costumes and props as we start to nail down the ideas for each scene. All the actors multi role and swap genders throughout the production so it is important for us to have signifiers for all those moments to communicate the changes to the audience. Our set and costume designer Jasmine Swan has been bringing lots of different samples of fabric to start creating costume ideas for each character with the actors.  

We also now have a mock-up of the set in the rehearsal room, that consists of platforms, and doors. This helps us in visualising how the play will sit on the stage, and allows us to get creative with our comedic choices. The show is full of gags, and great one-liners, it has been laugh-a-minute working out the choreography for the gags to ensure the comic timing is accurate. It has been hilarious, there is so much more I want to say but I can’t tell you any more than that! 

Scott Hurran, Assistant Director 

Women In Power

6 - 29 Sept

NST City

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