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In Rehearsals | Women In Power | Week 3

Mon 3 September, 2018

In Rehearsals | Women In Power | Week 3

In Rehearsals for Women In Power | Week 3

Last week we did a ‘put together’ of all the material we had created in the rehearsal room. This was a great opportunity for us to see how everything would slot together, and for the acting company to get a sense of what it is like to perform the production in its entirety. 

Throughout the week we had some of the playwrights come and visit us. This is the most exciting part of rehearsals for me, as every creative department is in the rehearsal room. Having the playwrights in the room, allows you to use them as springboard for questions, challenges or problems that we may have come across. It is a highly creative, problem-solving environment when making changes and edits to a script, while also being terribly exciting for us, and also for the writers, as they hear their words spoken perhaps for the first time. For the rest of the week we went through the script with a fine comb making sure all the new edits made sense. Ensuring the new dialogue was something that character would say, and that it fits structurally within the narrative of the play.

We were allowed to have a sneak peak of the set this week as it was being fitted up. Jaz has done an incredible job in creating a fantastic playground for Women In Power to exist in. This week we head into technical rehearsals with the entire creative team, as we begin to rehearse every element of the production on the stage. This includes working through all the lighting, sound, music, choreography, set, costume and props. I cannot wait to see the ideas that will start to emerge from rehearsing on the set this week! 

Scott Hurran, Assistant Director 

Women In Power

6 - 29 Sept

NST City

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