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Tue 1 October, 2019


Tell us  a bit about yourself

I’m Annie, the Laboratory Associate Sound Designer at NST this year. I studied technical theatre at drama school (LAMDA) before deciding I wanted to be on the creative side of production, and had been working freelance as a sound designer for a couple of years before becoming NST Lab Associate and having a year-long attachment to the building. I enjoy working on all sorts of theatre, but my experience so far has been predominately new writing and devised work.

What is your role on this project?

Sound Designer and Composer

What do you love most about working in theatre?

My favourite thing is probably the collaborative nature of this type of work – I love going into a rehearsal room and contributing all I can towards telling a story in the most truthful, beautiful way possible. Being surrounded by other people, all of whom are focusing on how they can best use their skills to tell a story, is a great feeling and a lot of fun too.

What have you enjoyed about being a Lab Associate so far?

It’s been quite a busy year and, including Fledglings, I’ll have worked on a total of five shows at NST in the last 10 months so it’s been lovely to be able to return to the building again and again and know the people and feel comfortable there. As a freelancer I’m always on the move so having the consistency of friendly faces and getting to know the ins and outs of a great regional theatre building has been really lovely.

Can you give us a little insight into Fledglings?

Fledglings is the story of two teenagers both independently navigating the struggle of having to leave childhood behind, and how it affects their friendship and the dynamic between them. As a team we were very conscious that although we’re telling a story about teenagers, we didn’t want to tell it in a typically ‘teenage’ way – and so we’re making choices on the production side of things which should keep it feeling like a mature and considerate perspective of a story about a particularly challenging time of life. That means I’ve made some unusual choices in the type of music we’re using to support the two actors telling the story, and I’m really excited to see how that will come together.

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