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Meet The Creatives Behind FLEDGLINGS: Dan Saggars (Lighting Designer)

Tue 1 October, 2019

Meet The Creatives Behind FLEDGLINGS: Dan Saggars (Lighting Designer)

Tell us  a bit about yourself

I’m Dan and I’ve been working in theatre for around 7 years now on musicals, pantos, operas and all sorts! It’s been really exciting to work with NST this year as their Lighting Associate Designer.

What is your role on this project?

I’m the Lighting Designer for Fledglings, so what that means is that I literally design how the lighting is going to look for the show. I figure out the best position for each of the lights, what colour they are, how bright they are - everything to do with light! It is the designers job to use the lighting to create an atmosphere that will support the action of the scene, so I work with the director to ensure that the lighting is reflecting the actors emotional and dramatic intention. But sometimes, I just make things look pretty! 

What do you love most about working in theatre?

I love the variety of people and environments I’m able to work with. I also love how ridiculous things can get in theatre, whether that’s deciding the best position for a huge crows head or trying to light a scene whilst someone is hammering their way through the back wall of the set! 

What have you enjoyed about being a Lab Associate so far?

 As well as having the opportunity to work with some excellent designers and staff at NST, the thing I’ve enjoyed most is being part of a building. Being a designer can be quite lonely when you’re travelling from place to place on your own, so it’s really lovely to be able to walk into NST and be welcomed by everyone and see faces you haven’t seen in a while. 

Can you give us a little insight into Fledglings?

 A lovable reflection on what it’s like to grow up with friends and the need to keep, or move away from, those that mean the most. 


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