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Meet The Creatives Behind FLEDGLINGS: Emily Collins (Director)

Wed 18 September, 2019

Meet The Creatives Behind FLEDGLINGS: Emily Collins (Director)

Tell us  a bit about yourself

I’m Emily! I’m a director from the North East and Laboratory Associate Director at NST. I have been working in theatre for about 4 years and have a real passion for new writing and plays with terrible jokes in them.


What is your role on this project?



What do you love most about working in theatre?

I love how my job allows me to gain insight into such a massive amount of different lives and stories. Working on and seeing plays lets me explore so many different places, time periods and cultures; many that I wouldn’t know half as much about if it wasn’t for working in theatre. That and the hard work that goes into making a play great are by far the most rewarding parts of the job for me.


What have you enjoyed about being a Lab Associate so far?

Working here has been a huge jump up for me in terms of the scale of the shows I’m working on- and I have loved throwing myself into the challenge of it. When you’re a director it’s quite hard to learn how to do your job until you’re in the room doing it, so the amount of skill and process I’ve learnt in this year has been insane.


Also Nuffield is full of the loveliest, most hard working people. So that always helps!


Can you give us a little insight into Fledglings?


Fledglings is a story of two best friends, Kelsey and Alice, trying to work out how to keep their friendship together as they grow and change.


Growing up can feel like a whirlwind of madness and change from some, and a slow and steady journey for others: we’re trying to look at how teenage years affect different people in different ways, and what can happen if the people you’re close to are growing at a very different rate to you.


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