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Wed 25 September, 2019


Tell us  a bit about yourself

I’m Holly, and since moving to the UK in 2004, I’ve been a Hampshire local. I’ve been working in theatre for the past 2 ½ years with NST’s Engagement and Youth Theatre teams on lots of exciting projects that get NST connected with Southampton.


What is your role on this project?

I’m working on Fledglings as it’s Producer. What’s a Producer you ask? It’s essentially being the ‘all seeing eye’ to every element of the production. You get stuck into design, casting (sometimes), marketing, tech, fundraising, rehearsals, research and development – the list goes on! A lot of non-creative decisions fall onto you, so you have to be as organised as you possibly can while at the same time trying to be flexible enough to adapt to anything that might go wrong or need immediate attention. It’s almost like babysitting… but with a thousand more problems.


What do you love most about working in theatre?

I got into theatre and generally the creative arts to help talented people do what they love, create art! I’m so lucky to have this job and work in theatre because in the 2 ½ years I’ve helped countless people ‘do art’, whether in a tiny way like my early contributions to Youth Theatre, or in a big way like my position as Producer on Fledglings. It’s sorta quite a selfish reason to love working in theatre, but making sure other people can achieve something is something I find more fun than actually doing anything creative myself. Also I’m a terrible actress, which helped narrow down future career paths.


What have you enjoyed about being a Lab Associate so far?

Being a Laboratory Associate has taken me through the weirdest, most stressful, fun year of my life. So many opportunities have opened themselves to me, and so I’ve been part of a lot of cool things this year because of working at NST. I think the best thing has been being able to work with a majority female creative team, making something that we all feel resonates with us.


Can you give us a little insight into Fledglings?

One of the best things about the process has been introducing people to Kelsey and Alice and them saying ‘I genuinely had a friend in school exactly like Kelsey’ or ‘I was exactly Alice’. It just has gone to show us that everyone goes through these changes and challenges as a kid, and you can completely find elements of yourselves in the story we’re telling through Fledglings. Growing up seems to be something so beautifully common, and yet totally individual, so that while you can find threads of Kelsey or Alice in your personality, you’ll still have a completely different story to each of them.


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