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Thu 10 October, 2019


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Tamsin Daisy Rees and I am a playwright living and working in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I trained with the Royal Court Writer’s Group North, and I am an Associate Artist at Live Theatre. I have worked/am working with the Royal Court, Live Theatre, Northern Stage, ARC Stockton, The Customs House, New Writing North, Durham Book Festival, Bunker Theatre, North Wall Arts Centre, Barnsley Civic, as well as theatre company and drag collective Bonnie and the Bonnettes.

I co-founded the theatre company Sticky Theatre with ARC Associate Artist Holly Gallagher, which creates new intimate work that explores what it is to be a young woman living in the North East of England today. 

I am also an AHRC Northern Bridge PhD candidate at Newcastle University, specialising in playwriting and with a focus on sex on stage.


What is your role on this project?


I am the writer of Fledglings. I have previously worked with the director Emily Collins, but this is my first time working for NST.


What do you love most about working in theatre?

I really love that it’s a team sport. Being a writer can be quite a lonely, isolating job and so it’s really exciting to be able to pass on a script to the creative team and to get everyone’s thoughts and perspectives on it, and to have a big chat and lots of cups of tea with everyone. You get to work with a director, producer, sound designer, set designer, lighting designer - people whose brains work differently to yours, and use different muscles to yours and that’s really exciting!

What I love most about theatre, is that really you're just trying to tell stories and make something a bit funny and a bit silly and a bit sad and a bit sort of beautiful with your mates. Or with people that will become your mates. Its really lovely. We are all just trying to tell a particular story we think is important, in the best way possible.

I like rehearsal rooms the best, cos I’ve already done the big bit of my job, and its really magic seeing these amazing actors making the characters you just sort of made up in your head come to life. And there’s always biscuits and cups of tea.


Can you give us a little insight into Fledglings?

It’s about these two best friends, these two teenage girls, trying to wrestle with growing up, growing apart, growing into different people.

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