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Meet The Lab with Chloe Mashiter

Fri 7 July, 2017

Meet The Lab with Chloe Mashiter

Chloe Mashiter, Director

The Creative Associates of NST Laboratory are celebrating what Southampton makes now! Their upcoming performance of I Won’t Make It On My Own will be on the main stage at Nuffield Southampton Theatres 5-7 October. We met up with Chloe to find out more...


Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I’m Chloe, the Associate Director for the Laboratory at NST. I've been a freelance director for the past 5 years which has included some fantastic projects from new writing, to interactive and immersive work - a real mix!

I’ve also worked a little in writing and performing, and I’ve a keen interest in digital and live gaming. I’m actually doing a 250-hour game of Dungeons & Dragons at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year!


What does your role on the project involve?

As Director, it’s my job to develop the creative aspects of the piece. This one is slightly different as it's a devised show, working with the actors to create the show, often through improvisation, rather than having a ready script.

I also write as part of the process, scenes for the cast to experiment with. In addition, I've been running some of the free community workshops that have been linked to the show, and will be working on how to tie things made in those workshops into the show itself.


What made you want to become a Director?

I kind of fell into it at university - I happened to be the only person who offered to direct a fresher’s show, so was thrown into it really. However, once I started doing it, I loved it and knew I wanted to do more - it seemed that directing just fitted my personality and interests, really.

It’s great getting to work with actors, designers, backstage crew, a whole range of interesting people, plus I really enjoy seeing a piece go from that first tiny idea to a fully finished, realised show.


What interested you most about working on this project?

The fact myself and the other Lab Associates can work on I Won’t Make It On My Own over a whole year has been great and is pretty rare in my experience. We've been able to have incredibly long detailed conversations about what we want to do and why we’re going to do it and actually let ideas brew, which has been a really satisfying way to work.


Have you faced any challenges in your position during this project?

It's been challenging to try and think how we're going to make a show featuring things people have made, that also takes those things and continues to include people in the making of the show and what it ends up being. Essentially how you can include people in the show has been my biggest challenge so far, but a fun one to get around!


What have you enjoyed most about being an Associated at NST?

The Lab Associate programme at NST has been great. Being able to work together as a team and not in isolation for this long is genuinely collaborative and lovely.

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