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Nuffield Southampton Theatres launches new writing initiative and support for projects

Wed 18 April, 2018

Nuffield Southampton Theatres launches new writing initiative and support for projects

Nuffield Southampton Theatres (NST) is launching a new writer’s group as well as an exciting programme for people with ideas to influence and shape the future of culture in Southampton: NST Writers and Self-Starters.

The new writer’s group, NST Writers, in partnership with the award-winning South West theatre company Up in Arms, will help writers from the South develop their skills for writing or performance.

NST and Up in Arms will together deliver a programme of mentoring, masterclasses and script in hand readings from some of the best new playwrights to help local writers grow their ideas as well as find their writing voice.

The process will culminate in a public showcase, with the aim of finding at least one writer for NST to take forward and commission.

Barney Norris, Co-Artistic Director at Up in Arms, said: We know from our own experience of finding a voice in the theatre how many of the south west’s stories don’t get told. Setting up this programme in collaboration with NST feels like a great way of drawing out more of the life of this region, which gives up its secrets all too guardedly.”

NST is also looking for people with ideas for new arts events in Southampton to join its Self-Starters programme, providing free training, support and guidance to get their ideas off the ground.

People from all backgrounds and levels of experience are invited to apply to take part in the programme, which will equip them with the skills to plan their own arts events, support other artists in the city and help bring their ideas to fruition.

NST is interested in hearing from people in Southampton about ideas to take place in spaces across the city, such as hosting a musician in someone’s living room or supporting a play reading at a local library, not companies pitching their own shows for NST spaces.

Depending on the idea, NST will also provide cash of up to £1,000 to help overcome some of the financial barriers of putting on events.

Hannah Bevan, NST Studio Producer, said: “I’m really thrilled that we’ll be partnering with Up in Arms to run the writers group in the region. Their experience and skill will be invaluable and I can’t wait to see who get coming forward to join it. It feels this is the right time as we now focus on the new studio space at NST City which will become a hub of fresh, new and exciting work that has a real dialogue with audiences.

“Self-Starters is something I’m very passionate about and feel it’s important to find people who want to kick-start their own projects. There are already loads of people working across the city to make it a vibrant place for culture so it’s fantastic we are enabling more people to realise their projects.”

NST Writers

How to apply:

To apply, please email Hannah Bevan, [email protected], with 15 pages of script that best represents you, your CV and a covering letter, with a little detail on yourself relevant to the above criteria, by Friday 1 June at 12pm. Do provide context to the script if that will aid the reading of it.

We will be inviting shortlisted applicants to come in for an informal conversation with us which are likely to take place Friday 8 June or Tuesday 12 June at NST City. Please do let us know if you are unable to make that week for any reason and we’ll endeavour to accommodate you or arrange an alternative way for a conversation.


How to apply:

You can pitch your idea using the form attached, but NST is also accepting applications which best reflect you and your idea. For example, you may want to send in a video or write to NST in a different format. All that matters is that you include who you are, what the idea is, how much of the £1,000 you are looking to use, and why you want to learn the skills that come with managing and putting on arts events.

Please send your completed application to Hannah Bevan, [email protected], or NST City, Above Bar Street, Southampton, SO14 7DU, by Wednesday 6 June 2018.

NST may want to meet with people before taking an idea further. This will be an informal chat about you and your idea and we’ll endeavour to accommodate your timings.

Application Form

What we are looking for:

We are not looking for companies who are pitching their shows to be in our spaces. We want people from Southampton to be pitching Southampton based ideas, for spaces across the city. Your idea could be hosting a musician in your living room for your friends and neighbours to supporting a play reading at your local library.

For further questions about enquiries about the programme, contact NST Studio Producer Hannah Bevan, [email protected].

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