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Theatre That Inspires

Tue 4 July, 2017

Theatre That Inspires

We just have to share a wonderful letter from a Mum in our audience who came to see the recent Rifco and Watford Palace Theatre production of Miss Meena.   This perfectly illustrates why we make and present theatre and how the impact can inspire.


To the cast and crew of Miss Meena and the Masala Queens,

Last night I took my young son to your performance of Miss Meena and the Masala Queens. I cannot say thank you enough for your heartfelt, gracious and inspiring performance. My son has always loved wearing dresses. Recently, he’s gone so far as to knit himself his own wig so that he can style his hair.

Shopping trips to charity shops with his own money have netted him heels, more dresses and jewellery. While his father and I encourage him to be his own person, he is now aware of social pressures. We have been heartbroken as he started editing himself: only dressing up in his room; tucking his dresses away where friends cannot see them etc.

As we were walking home after last night’s wonderful and hugely enjoyable performance he said ‘So there are other boys who like to dress up as girls?’, I answered yes. He snuggled in and whispered ‘You have to be true to yourself, right?’, I answered yes.

Thank you for providing a great, entertaining performance that also gave my son a message he desperately needed.

The Mum in seat B20.

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