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Throne Talk | Get Involved with Nuffield Southampton Theatres and The Audience

Tue 16 April, 2019

Throne Talk | Get Involved with Nuffield Southampton Theatres and The Audience

The Audience: Throne Talk

As part of the promotion for our upcoming show, The Audience, and NST’s desire to get involved with local groups from the city, we’ve got some really special performance opportunities in April, May and June! We’re offering up slots to budding orators, performers, debaters and creators to come take a seat on our throne and tell the world about something they think is important, all in the theme of The Audience!

We’re looking to fill the slots with:

  • Monologues or duologues from plays, either from existing works or your own creation
  • Debates between two or more parties
  • Speeches

  • Poetry or spoken word performances
  • Or anything else that fits in between!


We’ve also come up with a few prompts for you, to get your creative gears going, covering themes or opinions that are inspired by The Audience:

  • The Monarchy: to have or not have
  • Women as leaders
  • Women in roles traditionally reserved for men
  • Breaking the glass ceiling in politics
  • Are The Queen's Christmas Speeches still relevant?
  • Men in power and their responsibility
  • Famous people and their privacy? i.e. do they still have a right to it
  • Women as both mothers and in positions of power
  • Choosing a career over children or vice versa


So long as your idea fits into one of these themes, we’d love to have you take part! Be aware that we will not be allowing any hate speech/derogatory language/general unpleasantness, so please make sure when you are creating your performance that you are respectful at all times.

We’ll be running the from 29th April up until the Queen’s Official Birthday on 8th June, and trying to fit in as many people as possible in that time. For the majority of the project, the throne will be situated outside of NST City, although we are looking into it travelling to other locations! If you'd like us to bring the throne to you, let us know in your email. 

Groups/individuals can apply for 15 minute timeslots between 11am and 3pm, and you’re free to take as much time of that as you'd like (i.e. 11am to 12pm, or 12.30pm to 2.30pm).

Days at which we’re going to be running this are as below:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the 29th April and 17th May
  • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday between 20th May and 8th June

Email [email protected] with your group name, preferred dates and how much time you’d like on the throne to register your interest and sign up!

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