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Writer's Q&A: Wendy Cope

Thu 23 August, 2018

Writer's Q&A: Wendy Cope


What would you do if you were in power for the day?

Appoint someone to sort out care of the elderly and give them an adequate budget.


Who is your ‘Woman in Power’ and why?

Anna Soubry and Nicki Morgan for their opposition to Brexit. And Margaret Hodge for standing up to Jeremy Corbyn.


What do you hope audiences will take away from Women in Power?

The feeling that they’ve had a really good evening at the theatre. That’s a feeling I don’t experience very often.


In the fight for gender equality, where do you hope we will be in ten years’ time?

I’d like women - and young girls especially – to be under less pressure to worry about their appearance. That pressure has got worse in my lifetime. It would be wonderful to think a time will come when women are not judged on their appearance, but I’m not optimistic. 

And I hope that mixed sex couples will be allowed to have civil partnerships, so that people with reservations about the institution of marriage can have the same legal protection as married people.


What influences did you draw on when writing Women in Power?

I wasn’t thinking about it at the time but, in writing a comic song for the stage, I was probably influenced by W.S.Gilbert.

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