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Youth Theatre Blog | January Show Cast Announcement

Mon 29 October, 2018

Youth Theatre Blog | January Show Cast Announcement

How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found

From the Rehearsal Room: Casting Announcement


As with any production, undertaking the casting of the show has always been the hardest part as a director as it’s so difficult to predict whether there will be a great response to the selected play and if there will be enough interest to fill all of the available roles.  It was therefore with great excitement that not only did the 80+ members of NST Youth Theatre show an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our chosen play but that 65 of them were wanting to be a part of the production! This outstanding level of interest led us to the difficult choice of having to select from this wealth of talent whom we could offer a role, something which took on a number of alternative arrangements before we settled upon our final cast list of 22 members. In a change to our traditional casting of a production, we were very happy to be able to offer the role of Foley Sound Artist to three of our auditionees. This is a role we are extremely excited to be including in our upcoming production and one which we feel keeps NST Youth Theatre in line with the developing approaches of 21st century practitioners, in turn educating our young theatre-makers in the need to fully explore the possibilities of performance.

I am therefore very proud to announce our cast for NST Youth Theatre’s upcoming production of Finn Kennedy’s award-winning dark comedy, How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found:



James Gent


Grace Dougan


Gemma Wilson


Sebastian Mersey


Bryn Nichols, Libby Hoare, Lukas Wright, Sam Benham, Sophie Sullivan

Tube Man

Tom Lewis


Kaia Doig


Eliza Cameron

Party People 1

Sam Grace

Party People 2

Anya Rose

Party People 3

Lewis Reeves


Lucy Tiller


David McCarthy


Toby McLellan


Alice Burtenshaw

Pawn Man

Jess Rowlands

Foley Sound Artists

Beth Clark,  Matilda Lambert, Jasper Quarendon



We are also extremely excited to announce our creative team for this project!

Director Liam Gifford
Assistant Director Emily Bradshaw
Designer Verity Johnson
Lighting Designer Dan Saggars
Sound Designer Annie May Fletcher


Performances take place 10-12 January, 2019 in the NST City Studio! Click the below button to find out more and book now!

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