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Experiment (Make It SO)

06 May, 2020

    Join us Experiment, an evening of five short work-in-progress performances by local artists presented as part of Make It SO 2020. Shows include: - My Name is Erla by Bonesaw Theatre - There's Some Sunshine by Katie-Ann Miles Summer is over and university is about to begin for 19 year old Jude. After a disastrous and revealing party video is shown to their mother, Jude must decide; will they admit to their family their sexuality? And if they do...what then? - NST Young Company - Code of Condemnation by Julia Davy This extract, from new fictional work, is inspired by impacts the pre-2000 Armed Forces Code of Social Conduct had on many gay military personnel. It follows one Royal Naval Officer’s descent into homelessness, when sacked for being gay, and asks what we have learnt about prejudice, human right to privacy and homelessness today. - Tea? by Chloe Coombs Tea? is a coming of age play exploring grief and female friendships. Millie has recently lost her best friend Pippa and is unwillingly enrolled into school counselling sessions to help her grieving process. Set across five school counselling sessions the play follows her conversations with Miss P, the school counsellor, which aims to bring to light the difficulties of being in school and grieving.