Women In Power

A brand new raucous comedy with songs, dance, music and women taking the lead! At NST City.

06 September, 2018 - 29 September, 2018

  • wheelchair access
  • signed perfomance
  • hearing enhancement
  • audio description
  • assistance dogs

A Nuffield Southampton Theatres production in asscociation with Oxford Playhouse

Women In Power

Thursday 6th - Saturday 29th September at NST City

Based on The Assembly Women by Aristophanes

Written by Wendy Cope, Jenny Éclair, Suhayala El-Bushra, Natalie Haynes, Shappi Khorsandi, Jess Phillips, and Brona C Titley

Dramaturgy by Clare Slater

Directed by Blanche McIntyre

Designed by Jasmine Swan

Casting by Annelie Powell CDG

Suggested age: 12+

Post Show Q+A: Thurs 20th Sept

Stage Insight: Thurs 27th Sept 5:00pm

Access performance: AD/BSL - Sat 29th Sept 2:30pm

390 BC. Athens.

The country is in political turmoil. Recent wars and alliances have left Athenians no options and ready to take the most extreme action. The most radical. A government of women.

Praxagora masterminds and leads a daring coup d’etat, outlining her utopian vision of total equality to her crowd of cross-dressing collaborators. A world where power imbalance is eradicated and with it, debt, greed, theft, and…also marriage, love and consent. Oh, and camping.

NST Associate Blanche McIntyre (Tonight at 8.30, Noises Off, NST, The Norman Conquest, Chichester Festival Theatre and Titus Andronicus, RSC) returns to Southampton to direct this raucous comedy with songs, dance, music and women taking the lead.


Wendy Cope


Jenny Éclair


Suhayala El-Bushra


Shappi Khorsandi


Blanche McIntyre


Jasmine Swan


Brona C Tiltey


Annelie Powell

Casting Director