Your Best Guess

We can’t help living in the future...but all of this is merely supposition. At NST City Studio.

06 June, 2018


    A mala voadora+Chris Thorpe production in association with ARC Stockton

    Your Best Guess

    Wednesday 6th June 7.45pm

    Written and performed by Chris Thorpe

    Directed and performed by Jorge Andrade  

    At NST City Studio.

    We can’t help living in the future – booking flights for holidays, organizing birthday parties, writing applications, sending out invitations, producing T-shirts for tours. But all of this is merely supposition.

    When the time comes, these things may happen according to plan, or they may not. Life is entirely unpredictable. But what if we could rewrite history? What if we could imagine that things had turned out differently even if they had not? What if we could anticipate all roads to the future, so that we could be prepared for any possible scenario?

    Portuguese theatre company mala voadora and writer and performer Chris Thorpe collaborate in Your Best Guess to talk about the unpredictability of the course of history that actually happens and that never took place at all. They explore more concrete phenomena such as undetonated bombs, goodbye letters, ghost cities, amulets. And, intrigued by the way we bet on the future, they will locate that exact point of consciousness at which things either work out as planned or go awry.