Career Development as a Working-Class Artist in the South-West

09 March, 2019


    Delivered by COMMON in partnership with Nuffield Southampton Theatres and Wiltshire Creative

    NST City Rehearsal Room

    Saturday 9th March 4.30pm - 7.30pm

    Nuffield Southampton Theatres and Wiltshire Creative are partnering with COMMON to deliver an event from their COMMON: GROUND initiative.


    COMMON: GROUND is a series of supportive discussions which offer a platform to 'off-stage creatives' who self-identify as working-class to share the barriers to career development they face when building careers in theatre in their region.

    This research then acts as the foundation for COMMON to begin a practical collaboration with the host organisations to dismantle barriers faced by working-class artists in this region.

    This event is specifically aimed at working-class, ‘off-stage creatives’ living and working in the South-West.

    This includes (but is not limited to) playwrights, theatre directors, producers, movement directors, stage managers, costume supervisors, composers, lighting designers and set and costume designers.


    COMMON is a nationwide arts organisation which exists to support the UK theatre industry in achieving greater socio-economic diversity, and to make theatre more accessible to the working-class; whether they be artists, audiences or communities.