NST Laboratory's Evening of Work-in-Progress and Scratch Performances

25 February, 2019

  • wheelchair access
  • hearing enhancement
  • assistance dogs

NST Laboratory presents


February 25th 7:45pm at NST City Studio

Experiment is our quarterly scratch performance night, offering a range of exciting new pieces of theatre in development. Artists present their work to test new projects; to ask questions about a piece; or to gather feedback from a friendly and constructively critical audience.

Experiment is produced through our Artistic Development programme NST Laboratory – a creative hub for development, exploration and discovery. To find out more or if you are an artist looking to build a relationship with NST, please click here.

Our next Experiment eveing will feature: 

Silent Mind

by Theatre For Life Youth Theatre Group

The brain requires delicate intertwining, the waves dancing to find their own unique rhythm, finely tuned, coming together to create empathy, cohesion and synchronicity. Gliding effortlessly into frequencies that release endorphin and dopamine surges… No need for chemicals: caffeine, drugs, endless hours of social media fixations and extreme highs. Each wave naturally performing in complete unity to create the perfect Silent Mind.

Theatre for Life CIC supports local performers in the Southampton area aged 14-25 yrs olds to create inspiring and challenging theatre that is innovative and collaborative, whilst building confidence and performance skills. The ‘Silent Mind’ project engages with young theatre makers aged 16-25 yrs old from disadvantaged backgrounds to create an original theatre piece on Mental Health Prevention.

The Ones Pushing the Hearse

by Ameena Hamid

The One Pushing the Hearse” is a study of grief and loss. The play is inspired by real stories and follows the “common progression” of the experience of loss, from pets to grandparents, to everyone else we lose. It aims to tackle the questions of what grief is, what support is and whether there are positives to loss.

Coffee and Cakes

by Miriam Coley

What is the price of survival?

In a bunk house in a labour camp four women find a way to preserve their humanity. Each one also has a growing awareness of her past: sleep-walking into her present predicament, or simply being caught up in external events.

There’s Dora, the Viennese Socialite whose greatest challenge thus far has been how to seat her dinner guests. Lotte, a trade unionist and journalist who became diverted by jazz and good times -she could not believe the storm would come. For the Jehovah’s Witness, Mrs B, nothing has surprised her about the oppression and fear that they now live under, but no one listened to her warnings. Then Marta, a young girl who has found a way to earn bread. Keeping an eagle eye over them all is Frieda - she is enjoying abusing the little power that she has, but has to confront the reality of their situation.

The audience will be seeing another world, and will wonder about their place inside this one.

Won’t Fade Away

By Troy Chessman

‘Won’t Fade Away’ is based on real events and retells the story of lifelong lovers, Robin and Sheila. It reflects on a long, loving life full of memories. We start in present day as Robin reluctantly comes to terms with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, we get snapshots into his psyche as he relives his fondest memory, meeting Sheila for the first time as teenagers. As his condition takes its toll, as time passes, Robin desperately tries to remember that same memory, we are repeatedly taken back in time to the day they met all those years ago. We see this memory become frayed, distorted, until it ceases

to be. This play explores the relationship of Robin and Sheila and the profound impact that this growing and incurable disease has on those experiencing it and those around them. Weaved together with physical theatre, movement and music ‘Won’t fade away’ is a celebration of love, life and memory.