Get Involved: Stage Combat

25 September, 2019

Stage Combat

Run by Paul Benzing

25 Sep – 23 Oct 2019

Wednesdays 7.30pm- 9.00pm (5-week course) at NST City

£75 for the course, to be booked in advance

The whole point of stage combat is to create the illusion of violence.

We will be looking at unarmed combat i.e. punches, slaps and throws. We will also look at hitting people with chairs, tables and smashing faces into walls and floors, as well as a go at fighting with found weapons i.e. umbrellas, walking sticks and anything else that is safe to use, and some knife work with practice daggers.

We will arrange fights for each of these areas and if there is time, maybe try to stick all of them together . . . safely.


£75 for the course, to be booked in advance