The classical dance drama of Kerala, South India

05 November, 2017


    Presented by The Kala Chethena Kathakali Company


    The classical dance drama of Kerala, South India.

    Sunday 5 November

    Due to the sacred nature of the art form, there are restrictions on photographing performers in costume.

    Celebrating 30 years of touring the UK and the success of the 2015 UK Tour, The Kala Chethena Kathakali Company is back in Britain in 2017 - direct from Kerala, with unforgettable Kathakali performances performed by top international performers, superb singers, rhythmic drummers and highly skilled make-up artists.

    Kathalali is a masterpiece of sacred theatre that erupts on stage with striking visual images that expose the magical world of South India. Nurtured for centuries by the remarkable people of Kerala, Kathakali leads the audience into the entrancing world of storytelling.

    "If it is possible to be simultaneously exhilarated and humbled by art this was just such an occasion”

    Hexham Courant


    “It is impossible not to find the colourful, entertaining and fascinating. The dancers` impressive skill, rooted in yeas of discipline, remind us of the glory of non-European drama”

    The Stage


    “They perform with amazing grace, intensity and dignity. Intense, hypnotic and spectacularly beautiful”.

    The Daily Telegraph