Make It SO: Southampton Makers

Applicants are now invited to present work as part of NST’s Spring 2019 studio season.

01 February, 2019 - 30 April, 2019

    Make It SO: Southampton Makers 

    Applications are now invited to present work as part of NST’s Spring 2019 studio season.  To run alongside our revival of Howard Brenton’s The Shadow Factory, we are seeking applications from Southampton and Hampshire artists and companies to perform in February and March at NST City.

    There are two categories – work in progress slots and finished shows and each piece will get 2 performances on different days. Work in progress (WIP) could include rehearsed readings and are work that is still in development.  Finished shows should be a minimum of 50 minutes in length but could be made up of 2 or more sets of at least 30 minutes each. We welcome applications for music, spoken word, dance as well as theatre.

    NST will provide the studio space, front of house staff, box office services, marketing for the season, 2 technicians for setting up (2.5 hours for WIP and 4 hours for finished work) and running the show, a fixed light and sound rig and will also run preparatory workshops for participants.

    The Artist or at least one member of the Company must live or be based in Southampton or Hampshire. The Company/Artist is responsible for producing the show including all creative elements and for their own marketing campaign.

    There will be no hire fee and finances will work on a 50/50 box office split after VAT.  e.g. a £10 ticket is worth £8 after VAT, then split 50/50 = £4 to the Artist/Company. Ticket prices are fixed at £5 for WIP and £10 for finished shows.

    Successful applicants will be offered free workshops in January on performance technique including voice projection, marketing and using lighting and sound.

    Applications should be made via by noon on 8th October 2018. If you require an application form in a different format please contact [email protected]