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Shlomo's Beatbox Adventure

26 October, 2019

    Shlomo Beatbox Adventure

    Sat 26 Oct 2pm at NST City

    Running time: 45 mins

    Shlomo is a world record-breaking beatboxer who makes all kinds of music using just his mouth and a mic.
    Join this sonic superhero and become one of his sidekicks in a world of funny sounds, brilliant noises and cool music, whether you’re aged 1 or 101!

    "Shlomo had the audience eating out of his hand  from the start. A naturally gifted teacher, Shlomo wanted to show the next generation how to beatbox and they loved him for it. 

    Shlomo ended this joyous hour with a demonstration of where these simple techniques can lead and  brought the house down in wonder at the impossible sounds coming from this man’s mouth. This is a guy at the very top of his game  and he has to be seen - or heard - to be believed! 

    Listening to the buzz from the children outside after the show, they clearly had a wonderful time. They excitedly queued up to meet Shlomo and high-five their hero. Throughout, it was clear that the parents were having just as good a time as their kids – maybe even better." 

    ‘The kid’s good. Jaw-droppingly good.’

    The Guardian

    ‘Forget one-man band, this guy is a one-man music festival.’

    The Times

    ‘Slick theatrics and soulful vocal gymnastics’

    Evening Standard

    Tickets: £10