An up-close dance theatre mystery show unlike any other. At NST City Studio.

03 May, 2018 - 05 May, 2018

  • wheelchair access
  • hearing enhancement
  • assistance dogs

ZoieLogic Dance Theatre presents


Thursday 3rd May - Saturday 5th May 7.45pm

Post-show Q & A: Friday 4th May

At NST City Studio.

Detective Miller, 1950’s Britain, and a world of shifting shadows and rising crime, where good and bad men can be found on both sides of the law.

Step into a world of intrigue and adventure, where you the audience question everything, decide which clues to follow and unravel the truth behind the crime.

Sleuth is an up-close dance theatre mystery show unlike any other. You must guide a tough, hard-boiled detective through the shady streets, seeking out answers. Every choice he faces is yours to make, and whatever you decide will change the way the story is told.

It's a show packed with dynamic movement and storytelling, high stakes and tricky characters, where you, the audience, are truly in control.