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Teddy Clements Associate Music Director

Teddy studied music at the University of Southampton and is a musical director, composer, arranger, vocal coach and audition pianist.

Musical Director credits include: Noel’s War (Chichester Festival Theatre); Carmen 1808 (The Union Theatre); The Shadow Factory (Nuffield Southampton Theatres); Obella (Guildford School of Acting, University of Portsmouth, University of Winchester); Fortune Lane (Union Theatre); Things We’re Learning Now (Battersea Barge); Tomorrow, Maybe (Union Theatre, Actor’s Centre, Bridge House Theatre, C Nova, Omnibus); Blueprints (Theatre Royal Winchester); ICONIC (Century Club, Stage Door); Kerry Ellis & Velma Celli (The Stage Door); Theory of Relativity (Theatre Royal Winchester); A Christmas Carol (Luton Library Theatre). 

Composer Credits, as part of ‘Amies & Clements’: Obella (Guildford School of Acting, University of Portsmouth, University of Winchester); Tomorrow, Maybe (Actor’s Centre, Bridge House Theatre, C Nova, Omnibus); Blueprints (Theatre Royal Winchester). 

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