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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we often get asked at Box Office about your visit and tickets. If there is something here that we have't covered just get in touch with your question so we can add it to our page.

Phone: 023 8067 1771

Email: [email protected]

If you have further questions about the refurbishment of NST Campus do email [email protected]

Where is NST Campus?

NST Campus is our University Campus theatre at University of Southampton . The original Nuffield Theatre venue was built in 1964 and holds up to 510 theatre goers! (If you include some standing room!)

Nuffield Southampton Theatres, University Road, Southampton SO17 1TR


Where is NST City?

NST City is based in Guildhall Square in the heart of the Southampton's Cultural Quarter. It holds up to 450 seats in the main house and 133 in the Studio theatre, as well as rehearsal spaces and arts rooms.

Nuffield Southampton Theatres, Studio 144, Above Bar Street, Southampton, SO14 7DU


What does 'Starting At' mean in your prices?

You may have noticed that in our brochure we say prices 'starting at'. Our ticket prices are subject to change as the theatre fills. By booking early you can be sure to secure the best seats at the best price.


Why are only some of the seats on sale?

To ensure that everyone is getting the best experience of a show, we release additional seats for a performance as more tickets are sold. Audiences and Actors have the best experience when the theatre is filled from the front.

At some shows, usually because of set design, some seats may not be available at all. If you have specific access requirements, please talk to the Box Office team who will assist you in picking the best seats for you.

We always start selling shows with all price points available. It's best to book early for the best seats at the best prices.


Why are the cheap seats at the front?

We like to make sure our audiences are sitting in the best places for a performance and we believe that you'll have the best experience when seats nearest to the stage are full, so that's why the best value is closest to the stage. Book these fast though as they sell out fast!

For most performances, Visiting Companies and NST Productions, our front row is always just £10!


Can I move my seats if the seats I want become available?

We can certainly move your seats for you if they are within the same show. If your new seats aren't at the same price, there may be an additional balance to pay.

If you want to swap your seats for another performance, there will be a £5 transaction fee plus any additional balance.


Where is the best view?

All of our seats have a great view. Some seats have restrictions on them, for view or leg room. Some seats have extra benefits of booking like additional leg room or fantastic aisle seats. 

We highlight these on our seating plans by the  symbol


Can I bring a baby with me to a performance?

Children 18 months or under can attend free of charge to a certain productions, such as Children's Theatre and Family shows; please tell the Box Office at the time of booking (if you booking online, this can be done via the 'Access Info' box). Some productions are aimed at certain ages and children under 18 months may be charged. Please note that babes in arms are not allocated a seat, and are expected to remain on the lap of the accompanying for the duration of the performance. If you require further advice, please feel welcome to contact the Box Office.

Can I bring a cushion or booster seat for a young child?

You are welcome to bring a booster if you feel one may be required, though we do ask in the event of an evacuation you remove it from the seat in case it prevents the seat from folding back up. Unfortunately we do not have a stock of booster seats to borrow from.