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In Rehearsals | Women In Power | Week 1

Fri 10 August, 2018

In Rehearsals | Women In Power | Week 1

In Rehearsals for Women In Power | Week 1 

We started off the week by doing a reading of the play at Nuffield Southampton Theatres for all staff to listen to. Already in its unfinished form and with no rehearsals it was hilarious! We then made our way to the rehearsal room and have been sketching through the script all week. We have been having lots of interesting discussions around the topics in the play, and how we feel about them. The big questions that come up are: What does equality look like? Is it gender equality? Is it possession equality? Is it financial equality? What does that world look like? We are still battling with that question as we are going through rehearsals.  

The rehearsal room is an incredible creative experience, as we have our cast, and creative team constantly reinventing the world we are trying to create. Along with the script, we have Tim Sutton who is a master lyrist and composer, he has created some fantastic numbers that we have been working on this week. Blanche McIntyre has been leading the discussions on equality, and we have been re – writing parts of the script through improvisation with the company. It has been impossible not to burst out laughing! 

Scott Hurran, Assistant Director 

Women In Power

6 - 29 Sept

NST City

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