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Why Support Us

NST is a registered charity, we rely on the generosity of individuals, sponsors and funders.

Your support helps us create great theatre made in Southampton and shared around the UK. We bring new productions to life, give people their first ever experience of theatre, provided support for countless emerging artists and bring people together.

All donations go towards our Impact Fund, this enables people of all ages and circumstances to get involved.

Here are just a few ways your donation makes an IMAPCT




We work with young people and schools across our city to provide free tickets, training, arts award qualifications and a wide range of participatory projects. For many young people we work with, this is their first experience of live theatre.




NST are committed to offering young and disadvantaged people in our community the opportunity to attend a performance or participate in an activity or workshop free of charge. Your donation makes this possible




We want NST to be a place where everyone’s voices can be heard and their stories represented. Our Community Outreach department works with many local groups to involve them in our programming, see the work we make and to join us for special events.




Our Laboratory department nurtures local artists providing opportunities at every stage of their careers. We support local artists to create their own productions, provide training and mentoring, as well as supporting five year long associate positions for rising directors, producer and designers.



Without your support all this work would not be possible.

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